London Calling

The wonder of the worldly city that hosted our event.

The wonder of the worldly city that hosted our event.

We were absolutely thrilled to host our wedding in London. Luis has lived in London since 1991, and over those 27 years he's experienced countless memories in this world-class city. He's also built a solid foundation of deep, lifelong friendships here and of course his wonderful family all live in London too.

Mark has been residing in London since 2011, and despite this short timeframe, he feels like it was fate to end up in this global metropolis he now calls home. He has always been passionate about Great Britain: its magnificent history, robust culture, and of course spectacular music (in particular, the most successful pop music duo of all time). It would be his destiny to move abroad and live in another country, which serendipitously led him to meeting the love of his life!

London is extraordinary. With a population of 9 million people, it's one of the world's most important and relevant cities. Its story is rich and diverse and its played a major role in history for over 2000 years. London is a global leader in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, tourism, and transportation. London is widely believed to be the cultural capital of the world, with a thriving theatre scene and one of the major reasons Luis loves working and living here. A citywide campaign — launched in 2016 after the extremely disappointing Brexit referendum of which London voted against — is just one of the compelling and forward-thinking reasons we love it here:

"#LondonIsOpen is a major campaign launched by the Mayor of London to show that London is united and open for business. It shows the world that London remains entrepreneurial, international, and full of creativity and possibility, while reassuring the more than one million foreign nationals who live in London that they will always be welcome, and that any form of discrimination will not be tolerated."

These values fully resonate with us and we were so excited to have our friends visit our amazing, forward-thinking city.

Let Me Show You Around

To get our guests excited about their UK trip and show them around, Mark recorded this video on a grey spring day. Enjoy the mini-tour around London, checking out some of its well-known sights!

Get Out and See the City

Whether you live locally, have been to London before, or are visiting for the first time, you will always find something new and exciting to do in London. Even the two of us often find ourselves surprised by the amount of interesting adventures and incredible places to eat and drink. To help streamline your search of things to do, here are some links that we think provide a wonderfully comprehensive overview of what this great city has to offer. 

From experiencing hundreds of things to do (ranging from tourist attractions to more of a local sightseeing vibe), to drinking in bars with gorgeous views, to boating down the Thames, to dining in some of the world's best restaurants — these lists helped our guests make the most of their time here!

Mark and Luis on the Thames in the early days of dating, August 2015.

Mark and Luis on the Thames in the early days of dating, August 2015.