With a Little Help From Our Friends

Pulling off the magic takes a lot of work. Photograph by     Lisa Jane Photography.

Pulling off the magic takes a lot of work. Photograph by Lisa Jane Photography.

Our wedding planning was truly a labour of love. We could not have brought the magic to life without the support of our friends, family, and partners who contributed along the way. We worked very hard on bringing it together for over a year and we couldn't wait to share and celebrate this special day of a lifetime with everyone. We wanted to showcase and recognise some of the primary contributors for their role and efforts — we cannot begin to thank them enough for all they have done for our glorious event!


Asher Feld, Ring Bearer

Our wonderful nephew, Asher, had a special role in our wedding as the ring bearer! We were so excited to see him in his dandy dapper suit as he proudly walked our sacred rings down the aisle. And wow, what a little dancer! He was in our shadow on the dance floor the entire time...he definitely inherited the Snyder's passion for dancing!

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Amelia Carvalho, Flower Girl

Amelia is our beautiful niece and we are honoured to have had her as our adorable flower girl. Amelia, now 2, is active as ever! Assisting her with her walk, her mother Martina followed. They were the first ones to walk down the aisle during the ceremony!


Michael Day, Master of Ceremonies

Michael is one of Mark's best UK-based friends and we are thrilled he accepted our offer to be the Master of Ceremonies. During our special day he did an AWESOME job helping our guests move about the venue as the event unfolded. Michael is handsome, witty, and always radiating positive vibes. Michael has a passion for technology, comic books, and WWF wrestling (!)...yet he's also a massive fellow Pet Shop Boys fan and loves being on the dance floor! He's quite the character and an extraordinary friend. Check out his comic book art by following the link.


Miles Wood, Barber, Murdock London

We couldn't be more excited to have Miles Wood as our barber and as a guest on the day. Mark and Miles became acquainted in late 2013, and Miles has been the artist behind Mark's beard and haircuts ever since. Miles is the head barber at London's finest barber shop, Murdock. Over these past five years, our friendship with Miles has grown and we consider him to be one of our best mates. He's quintessentially English (and often pokes fun at Mark's big 'American' words!) and a rather hilarious chap with extraordinary style. Read all about his barber shop, Murdock London, by clicking on the link below.


Marie-Laure Preynat, Caterer, Easy Gourmet

One of our most important partners throughout the wedding planning was with our caterer, Marie-Laure. She has worked with Wilton's Music Hall for almost 20 years and her experience of delivering an unforgettable day there has helped us beyond what we could have imagined. All of her award-winning food lived up to the hype! Shaun Waters and the Easy Gourmet team assisted us on the day to keep things running smoothly. Learn more about Easy Gourmet through the link below.


Lisa Jane Brown, Photographer

Given we're both creative types, we wanted a special photographer to capture our day. Lisa Jane Brown came highly recommended for her vintage style and unique approach — she was the perfect fit for our Dandy Club theme. Lisa has worked in our venue many times before and although we are still waiting for all of our wedding photos to come through, the few teasers she has sent us showcase the magic of the celebration perfectly! Be sure to review some of her other incredible work.


Gus Cavanagh, Florist, Augustus Bloom

After we described the special floral look we were going for on the day, our caterer Marie-Laure recommended Gus from Augustus Bloom. His delicate yet spectacular arrangements really came to life inside of the venue. The elegance and simplicity of the flowers brought a lovely touch to our vintage Dandy Club. Click the link below to see more of his company's great work.


Julien Silvereano, Tailor

When we were in the early stages of our wedding, Luis had planned on undertaking a massive creative commitment to make the suits for the two of us. We bought the fabric in late 2017 and were excited to have custom suits made from the tweed. As 2018 progressed, the year proved to be one of Luis' busiest with work and he just couldn't find time to make the suits. So while working on a project in France, he collaborated with an extremely talented tailor — Julien Silvereano — and we knew we'd found amazing talent to bring our suits to life. Julien diligently designed our suits in Paris and we were ECSTATIC with the final results!


Luis F. Carvalho, Concept and Design

You are probably familiar with the work of the extremely talented, world-renowned theatre designer, Luis F. Carvalho. Luis has been working in theatre for over 20 years and was able to find some time during his extremely busy work schedule to create the concept and design of our incredible wedding — which was obviously his best work to date! AND we are starstruck that he was in attendance on the special day! You can see more of his magnificent portfolio on his website, linked below.

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Remark, Musical Director and Co-Design

With over 30 years of DJing experience, Remark seemed like the obvious choice to create the glorious soundtrack for our wedding! Remark curated intentional music selections for the entire event. This of course included the climactic celebration dance party at the end of the day, where carefully selected, hand-picked songs were played. Remark solicited the help of a friend and technician, Mark Freeman, who assisted with monitoring the equipment. During Act III: The Celebration — the dance floor was packed!