The Event of The Year

Happiness found. Photograph by     Lisa Jane Photography     .

Happiness found. Photograph by Lisa Jane Photography.

Our wedding was the best day of our lives. Given Luis' talent for theatre and stage design, and Mark's passion for music and putting on shows — we knew from the very beginning that we wanted to design an event that represented a creative culmination of our love. Over the course of 18 months, we both worked very hard to bring that vision to life.

We chose a timeless, unique Venue in London with such rich history, and then crafted our wedding's Theme to exemplify what we love. The final result was a 9-hour celebration, comprised of three spectacular acts! A little dramatic and over-the-top? Probably. But it was completely worth it as we put on a ceremony and show that our friends and family would remember for a lifetime. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to The Dandy Club!

Our wedding was divided into three acts and two intervals. Click on the links below to be taken to a dedicated page for each portion of the day, complete with sets of galleries and videos:

  • Act I: The Ceremony featured the actual wedding ceremony, where we said our vows in front of our amazing guests.

    • The First Interval was the celebratory reception drinks that followed immediately after, when our guests could mingle.

  • Act II: The Banquet was the magnificent three-course feast along with the six speeches from our wedding party and fathers.

    • The Second Interval showcased the cutting of the cake and provided an opportunity for a group photo on the venue balcony.

  • Act III: The Celebration concluded the event — we performed our unforgettable first dance and then had everyone join in!

Here's a copy of the program from the day, outlining the acts and intervals in detail.

Welcome to the Dandy Club: our wedding program for the day.

Every Moment in Every Detail

We cannot begin to explain how thrilled we are with our photographer, Lisa Jane Brown. She and her partner took over 800 spectacular, glorious photos and captured so many emotional and wondrous moments. On this website, you’ll see collections of curated photographs that we’ve selected from the complete gallery. Click or tap on the thumbnails below to see each image in full resolution. If you’d like to see the entire gallery of images, please email us and we’ll provide the details of how to login. (We’ll provide this link directly to our guests who attended on the day.)

Here is the first collection of photographs for you to enjoy, which of course feature the handsome husbands! 👨‍❤️‍👨

The Banquet

We definitely ensured our guests were well fed and happily content with free-flowing drinks — the delectable food was provided by Easy Gourmet, and they did a remarkable job with our exceptional feast. Here's a copy of the menu, which featured in Act II: The Banquet.

The menu from Act II: The Banquet.

Celebrating the Details

This gallery of photographs, taken by our guests and us, showcases some of the small but important details of our special day. This includes the wedding logo and image design, studio concepts, venue photos prior to the wedding, the genesis of the three dimensional seating chart, decorations, some of our special accessories used on the day, and a sneak peek of the tables and food. (Note: Depending on your connection, it may take a few moments for the photo stream to load.) You can see more details in the dedicated galleries from each act.

Relive The Magic

Ready to relive the magic? Click on each link to experience the event in thorough photographic and video detail.

And if you have feedback or questions about our spectacular day, don’t hesitate to email us.